Have you ever tried the perfect sex technique? That’s what you do when you want to have sex

Have you ever tried the perfect sex technique? In the same room with sufficient foreplay, kissing, touching each other’s sensitive parts, can fully improve the sexual desire of both sides, and you can choose the sex position that both sides like, you can often change the position in the same room, can improve the quality of sexual life.

To have an orgasm, do this:

  1. Increase kissing skills and arouse sexual desire

In fact, the sensitivity of the lips is second only to the female clitoris, if you incorporate some kissing techniques during sex, you can bring a better and stimulating experience to both sides.

Lips touching: Two people slide between the edges of their lips, like catching pudding falling from a spoon, this feeling is especially beautiful.

Tongue Movement: The tissue under the tongue is very sensitive, try to explore the highest point of lust with the tip of the tongue, and express your endless passion with a kiss.

Loving nibble: This is a more exciting kiss method, you can use your teeth to bite each other’s lips, but the strength should be grasped, do not force, so as not to bite.

Sucking: You can start by gently sucking the other person’s lips, inhaling and sucking out the other person’s moist lips can arouse sexual desire, and then slowly sucking the other person’s tongue.

  1. Use sex toys to improve your pleasure level

Try to use sex toys, such as sexy underwear, threaded condoms, etc., can improve the excitement and stimulation of sex to a certain extent. Surveys show that in Tel Aviv, many women will go to sex shops to buy things, and female mini oscillators have become their “best friends.” The use of sex toys, slight and sexy tease your partner, can arouse his “interest” so that both parties can better reach orgasm.

3, clever stimulation sensitive area, get orgasm

You can slowly ignite sexual desire by touching your own or your partner’s erogenous zones, and this touch can be stopped from time to time and repeated at times to subtly evoke orgasm. In particular, stroking the most sensitive part of the woman with its gentle motion, that is, the clitoris, often allows women to reach orgasm faster.

4, dare to try a variety of positions, continue passion

In the spirit of exploration and innovation in sex: 77% of people will try new sexual positions or ways. Among them, the female upper is a sex position that makes it easier for women to reach orgasm, because it allows women to control the lovemaking process, such as the depth of the penis and the degree of stimulation to the clitoris, so as to obtain the maximum degree of sexual stimulation.

5, take the initiative to demand, tacit cooperation

Love is not a person’s thing, two people in-depth communication, take the initiative to demand, in order to cooperate more tacit understanding. Especially in the process of making love, actively passing on their preferences and sensitive parts to each other can help both sides better enter the state.

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