Men and women sex standard sequence process how healthy and happy sex life

The first step hints. Women like men to gently touch a woman’s hand, touch the hand with some hint, shake the woman’s heart, want a man to hug or kiss. When touching a woman’s hand, tremble nervously, do not be nervous to do small movements, women do not like, but will be some hate.

Step two. Seeing women do not resist to shake hands, suggesting that men hold women in their arms, fast, warm, women most like men so strongly tightly hugged, close, which is also a lot of women need to feel. Caressing, whispering is essential, male groans are sometimes desired by mature women, women know that men are emotionally invested, and also begin to brew emotions. At this time, you can hold her more tightly, accidentally touch your hand to the breast and pussy, let her feel your mood.

Step three: Kiss. Kissing can bring feelings of pleasure and intimacy, but everyone’s preferences and feelings are different. Here are some tips for kissing that might make it more comfortable: Stay soft: Keep your lips soft and relaxed, without straining or pushing too hard. Proper humidity: If your lips are dry, you can use some lip gloss or lip balm to increase humidity. Posture: Try a tilted head position, which makes it easier to get into the best position. Breathing and rhythm: Keep breathing smooth, not too fast or too slow. Focus on the other person: Pay attention to the other person’s feelings and needs, and respond appropriately to their needs. Most importantly, enjoy the process of kissing, relax your body and mind, and build a more intimate connection with the other person.

Sexual life before the night of communication and communication, the environment of the first sexual life must be comfortable, women must be prepared psychologically, if the woman is the first sexual life, there will be a rupture of the hymen, there will be obvious pain and vaginal bleeding. Before starting sex life, you can slowly familiarize yourself with each other’s body, both sides caress, kiss, hug, etc., slowly enter the state, pay attention to be gentle so as not to cause the tear of the female vaginal wall and hymen.

The first sexual life of many couples will end in failure, such as emotional tension, women’s pain obviously refused to further, male ejaculation too fast, etc., this is not a problem, the sexual life of the couple has a practice can make perfect process, after many run-in, the sexual life of the couple can achieve a harmonious state.

First sex also need to pay attention to is that if there is no preparation for planned pregnancy, must take contraceptive measures, if do not take measures, women have the possibility of pregnancy, later abortion, the harm to the body is relatively large, so pay attention to contraception.

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