What are the techniques of breast sex? How should a man stimulate a woman’s breasts?

What is the technique of breast sex? There are all kinds of sex techniques and methods. In order to experience sexual beauty, we need to learn and master various skills. The following mini-series will introduce you to the techniques of breast sex. Interested friends take a look.

What are the techniques of breast sex?

Breast sex, also known as “half” sexual intercourse, is a kind of sexual behavior that produces pleasure through the friction of the breast and the male genitalia (mainly the penis), which can be an aid to sexual intercourse and rich sexual behavior. It can play a positive role in making love in terms of interest.

There are usually three types of breast sex postures:

The first is: the woman is lying flat, the man is kneeling on the woman’s chest with open feet, the woman is holding the chest with both hands, rubbing the squeeze in the middle of the cleavage, rubbing the penis.

The second is: the woman kneels or sits in front of the man, the man stands in front of the woman, the woman holds the chest with both hands, rubbing the penis of the chest.

The third is: the woman kneels on the bed, the man lies on the bed with the upper body, the buttocks on the woman’s thighs, the feet around the girl’s waist, the woman holds the breast with her hands, rubbing the penis of the chest.

How should a man stimulate a woman’s breasts?

First, the man covers the woman’s breasts with his hand, moving from the periphery to the center, and then rubbing them from left to right or right to left; Then gently pinch the nipple with your fingertips; Then kiss the breast with the lips, then slowly kiss the nipple, tease and suck with the tongue; Of course, you can also touch the breast with the front end of the penis rotating.

And when you’re done with that, it’s real breast sex. The woman lies face up, the man sits under the woman’s chest, and then breast sex. Men hold the outer sides of both breasts with their hands, and the warmth of the breasts spreads to the entire penis. Of course, a woman can grab her breast with her hand; If the face is raised slightly forward, a woman can also kiss the penis, making it itchy.

In addition to the chest, which can stimulate the male penis, other parts of the female body can also be used. For example, the armpits, which themselves can itch, armpit hair and body odor, are completely happy places both visually and tactile. Tying the penis in the armpit, rubbing and pressing the movement gives the penis a strange sensation of irritation.

However, it is important to note that not all women are suitable for breast trading. Since Eastern women have relatively small breasts, most of them can’t wrap their breasts around their penises, and they don’t have enough fun. It can be said that breast trading is not particularly suited to breast trading. Second, after all, breast trading is far from a substitute for vaginal intercourse. From an evolutionary perspective, survival of the fittest. In order to reproduce, the human body can only give the genitals more sexual feelings. Studies have also shown that vaginal intercourse can bring both partners to orgasm. But if you’re using it as an adjustment to sex, it’s not impossible to try.

Use a male condom

  1. Use a new colloidal condom before every sexual encounter; Must be worn after erection before intercourse.
  2. Carefully tear the independently sealed bag and avoid using sharp tools such as scissors.
  3. Pinch the front of the condom with your fingers, squeeze out air, and then place it on the erect penis.
  4. Leave the front of the condom open.
  5. Make sure the condom covers the entire penis.
  6. If necessary, choose a quality lubricant. Oily lubricants can cause the condom to break.
  7. After ejaculation, when the penis is still erect, you should hold the condom tightly and pull out the penis.
  8. Don’t leave condoms in your purse or near a heat source for long periods of time.

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