What does an actual orgasm feel like? What are the reactions to female orgasm

How to give a woman an orgasm? Men are most eager for women to enjoy pleasure in sex, because it can prove their superior sexual ability. So how do you give a woman an orgasm? What kinds of reactions do women have to orgasm? The following small series will introduce you.

First, how to bring women orgasm

  1. Change your breathing patterns

Changing different breathing patterns can also enhance and stimulate orgasm, can adjust the rhythm of breathing and body movements, make the body tense, relax when relaxed.

  1. Sexy touch

By touching your own or your partner’s sexually sensitive areas, you can slowly ignite sexual desire. This touch can be stopped from time to time and repeated over and over again, thus very effectively achieving sexual arousal and orgasm.

  1. Learn to “indulge”

Rehearsing orgasms in private can often help women who can’t get rid of their self-control to have an orgasm. If you want to achieve orgasm, which involves intentionally moaning or doing strange things, you can relax and reduce your anxiety about orgasm. This is an effective way to learn to have an orgasm.

  1. Women take over

If you want to achieve orgasm through intercourse, taking the female top is undoubtedly the best choice. Because it allows women to control the sexual intercourse process, such as the depth of the penis and stimulation of the clitoris, in order to obtain maximum sexual stimulation. This is especially appropriate for women who want to be in complete control of their sexual activities.

  1. Use tools

If you are not opposed to the use of sex toys, an oscillator is a good choice, which can reliably and effectively bring you into the good feeling of orgasm. This way, not only can you have an easy orgasm, but you won’t put any pressure on your partner because you have the power to take responsibility for your pleasure. It is best to operate the oscillator yourself, for example to stimulate the clitoris or to facilitate the occurrence of orgasm during intercourse.

Two, what are the reactions of female orgasm

Female orgasm will be accompanied by uterine contractions, facial expressions, general convulsions, moaning, sweating, heart palpitations, rapid breathing, increased blood pressure, etc.

1, vaginal discharge: before orgasm, due to the increase of sympathetic nerve excitability, the female vagina will discharge discharge.

2, vaginal contraction: at the moment of orgasm, women usually feel dizzy. The clitoris area will experience extreme pleasure and warmth, spreading from the pelvic area to the whole body, like an electric shock. At the same time, you will feel a warm current leading to the whole body, and the muscles of the outer mouth of the vagina will contract strongly, wrapping the male penis.

3, in addition, there are itching, numbness, suffocation, fatigue and other reactions.

Orgasms are unique to women during sex and last only a few seconds to tens of seconds. In this short period of time, through strong muscle spasms, the gradually accumulated sexual tension is quickly released, and the psychological feeling is great joy and happiness. But not every sexual encounter can reach climax, which has to do with spiritual factors.

Third, husband and wife sex precautions

  1. Shower before and after sex

The couple should shower themselves before and after every time they have sex. Taking a warm bath before sex will increase the refreshing feeling of each other’s bodies, which is perfect for sexual life. However, it is not appropriate to take a long hot bath, because the skin blood vessels will completely dilate after bathing, and a lot of blood will flow into the skin’s dilated blood vessels. If sex occurs immediately at this time, the sexual organs will be sharply congested, and the blood distributed in the dilated blood vessels of the body must be mobilized to supplement. Therefore, it is easy to lead to the imbalance of blood circulation in the body, reduce the blood supply to other organs, and cause physical discomfort such as dizziness, fatigue, and palpitations. In severe cases, blood sugar may be low.

Myocardial ischemia and angina pectoris may also occur in patients with cardiovascular disease. In addition, you should not bathe in hot water immediately after sex. Because bathing causes blood to flow to the skin and muscle tissue, it can easily reduce the blood supply to other vital organs. Once the blood supply to the heart and brain is reduced, their normal physiological functions will be affected and some diseases will be induced. Sweating after sex in the summer can interfere with sleep, so you can bathe in warm water.

  1. How often is sex appropriate?

According to age, physical and health conditions. If you experience depression, back pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, and loss of appetite after sex, this is a sign that excessive sexual intercourse should be controlled. So, is the frequency of intercourse relatively moderate? In general, people aged 20 to 30 have strong sexual activity, which can be about 3 times a week; No more than twice a week for people aged 31 to 40; Once a week for people aged 41 to 50; People aged 51-60 can do this two to three times a month. After the age of 60, entering the old age, sexual intercourse should be arranged according to physical health, and is not prohibited. This is based on the fact that in general, everyone can see the specific situation.


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