What harm do men and women do to watch small movies?

What harm do men and women do to watch small movies? Although many couples like to gain sexual skills through pornography, research shows that viewing pornography is not good for the body and mind. So what’s the harm of men and women watching small movies? The following will introduce you.

What harm do men and women do to watch small movies?

Some people think that watching romantic action movies or erotic novels will only stimulate sexual desire. In fact, if they read too much, the biggest impact is on their health.

The effects of pornography on our brains can be terrifying, from the release of exciting hormones to the promotion of addictive tendencies. Numerous studies have shown that excessive exposure to pornography may alter and reshape the structure of people’s brains.

  1. Watching small movies = Doing drugs makes you want to watch more

Having sex and watching porn produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for reward and pleasure. But if you watch porn regularly, the brain repeatedly produces large amounts of dopamine, which means that the brain’s effect on dopamine gradually becomes dull.

In 2014, a study found that people who regularly read pornography may become less responsive to sexual stimuli. The German researchers explained that this means that the brain needs more dopamine to achieve the same stimulus response. It’s a vicious circle.

Studies have shown that spikes in dopamine production mean porn lovers need more and more extreme experiences to awaken their sex drive. After seeing too many explicit photos and movies, men become sexually apathetic and less and less interested in ordinary sexual activities.

For them, hehe, I don’t see what posture? Because the taste is too heavy, it will inevitably lead to no interest in clear soup, and therefore no desire.

The study concludes that pornography has created a generation of young people who are hopeless in bed.

Porn shrinks the brain

Watching porn may shrink the brain, German researchers claim. If you see too much salty and wet content, the striatum region of the brain shrinks, which is associated with motivation and reward responses. This is also the first time researchers have found that watching too much porn may be linked to physical harm.

However, the researchers also noted that people who prefer to spend more time watching porn may be born with different brains.

The study found that when porn addicts watch high-H text, the addiction region in the brain becomes very active. An earlier study found that when young people addicted to online pornography viewed explicit images, their brains lit up like a Christmas tree.

The stimulated areas are responsible for reward, motivation and well-being, the same brain regions that are highly active in drug addicts and alcohol addicts.

In 2014, another study from the University of Cambridge found that sex addicts who enjoyed watching porn were more active than others at an early age. In addition, these regions are also more active in the brains of drug users. This suggests that sex addiction is similar to drug addiction and may have some connection.

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