What’s a virgin’s trick for the first time? How do you get it right the first time?

Virgins are green for the first time and may feel shy, but can’t refuse to learn techniques before having sex for the first time. This may reduce the incidence of premature ejaculation in virgin males. Our next editor introduces for the first time the techniques available to virgins

The technology of first sex

Men are more nervous than women about first sex. Remember to shower, change clothes and brush your teeth. Don’t be too quick to make a bad impression.

When taking a shower, don’t forget to brush your teeth, and don’t bring a bed with any dirt left after the wedding. You can also spray oral fragrances to avoid bad breath. Underwear do not forget to update, only wear bath towels and bathrobes, this approach is too impatient, must avoid wearing underwear, in the process can also enjoy the fun of broadband. Shower time should not be too short, want to shower early.

Because when men take a bath, women have a lot of preparation, such as preparing bedding and contraceptives.

After the considerate man enters the bath, he can prepare the bath for the newlywed wife. For example, fill the bathtub with water, place towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, etc. When a woman is in the bath, please leave more time for her to prepare, groom and maintain in the bathroom.

You can also prepare a little snack to ease the atmosphere, relax the tension of the wedding, and let the mind a little clearer. Most importantly, in the whole process, it is best to avoid relatives and friends in the new house noisy, because this is your most beautiful and most looking forward to the time, you should cherish and grasp.

It’s best to let your lover go to bed first. Men can use the bathroom and other reasons to politely let women into bed, to avoid shyness, men can quietly lie on the right side. Should avoid men to go to bed first, and then urge women to go to bed, this semi-command tone, will leave a bad impression on the woman.

How do you get it right the first time?

Teach you a “finger finding” technique, so that you can quickly find the vaginal opening in the dark:

  1. When facing girls, first touch the four fingers of the hand on the pubic mound and press the thumb on the clitoris;

2, then the thumb finger to the inner bend, gently against the vulva, along the middle line of the labia minora down;

  1. When the thumb finger meets the slippery depression, it can be buckled inward, which is the vaginal opening;

4, and then use the other hand to hold the penis to the position of the thumb of the vaginal mouth, gently insert can;

If you still can’t find, don’t sweat silently, communicate with your female companion, you can let her guide your tintin correctly with your hand; Or, put your head down, study it, learn it, and then go into battle with a gun.

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