What’s the difference between wearing a condom or not? Is it a big difference for a woman to wear it and not wear it

Is it a big difference for a woman to wear it and not wear it

According to the results of the survey, 80 percent of people think there is a big difference between wearing and not wearing condoms for women. Wearing a condom can increase pleasure and satisfaction while avoiding infection and disease. Men wearing and not wearing condoms need to pay attention to hygiene and safety and respect personal choices and wishes. Wearing condoms also protects men from the risk of STDS and infections. In terms of sex, wearing a condom is not only about safety, but also about a woman’s sexual rights and autonomous decision-making. Therefore, it is carried out in private occasions, but it is also necessary to pay attention to health and safety to avoid harm to the body. A further 20 per cent felt it didn’t make much difference to them if a woman wore it or not.

Condoms make a difference

Reduced stimulation: For men, due to the existence of a certain thickness of condoms, wearing condoms will reduce the penis to the female vagina temperature and humidity, so there may be a sense of diaphragm, at this time the sensitivity of men and stimulation will be reduced. For women, the coronal groove between the male penis and the glans and the vaginal wall will produce a stronger sense of stimulation, if wearing condoms for sexual contact, the curvature of the coronal groove is reduced, so women will feel less stimulation;

Reduced lubrication: During sexual contact, the male urethral opening will continue to secrete mucus, play a lubricating role, due to the barrier effect of condoms, male secreted mucus can not be discharged, resulting in reduced lubrication. At the same time, the female vaginal wall will produce a certain transparent or translucent mucus after stimulation, the mucus is mainly secreted by the vestibular gland, can play a lubricating function, and play a protective role in the female vagina, if the use of condoms, especially female condoms, will reduce the stimulation, at this time women will feel vaginal dryness and accompanied by friction pain and other uncomfortable symptoms.

In addition, some men wearing condoms will have erectile difficulties, mainly due to physical and psychological factors. Although wearing condoms will reduce irritation, lubrication and other feelings, but in order to play a safe contraceptive effect, it is not recommended to engage in direct sexual contact, so as to avoid the adverse effects of using contraceptives later on the female body.

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