Can I have sex during my period? Healthy sex life needs to pay attention to these three points

Can menstruation make love? This is a common question that many women don’t have a clear idea about. In fact, there are two sides to this issue as well, with pros and cons, but as long as you take care of a few details, you should be able to continue to live a better life during this time. Although in general, menstrual sex will not get pregnant, but from a hygiene point of view, it is best to use condoms. From a physiological point of view, women’s body resistance during menstruation will decrease, bacteria are easy to invade, and may cause endometritis and endometriosis. For this reason, doctors usually advise against sex. But things are not completely absolute, appropriate sex life can also be, but pay attention to the following points:

  1. Try not to choose the first two days of heavy bleeding during menstruation.
  2. Men should wash their genitals in advance.
  3. During sexual life, the man should use a condom, the action should be gentle, and the time should be shortened as much as possible.

Afterwards, the woman should immediately rinse the pubic area with water.

On the positive side, regular sex can help stabilize the menstrual cycle. If you have sex once a week for more than three months, the menstrual cycle will be more stable than others. In addition, although in general, menstrual sex does not lead to pregnancy, from a hygiene point of view, it is best to use condoms. Now, you can rest assured that you can enjoy your great sex life while taking protective measures, and don’t let your vacation be your vacation.

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