Can take a bath after sex restore physical strength? Can hot water stimulate an erection?

I finally got a chance to go to bed with my girlfriend, but after ejaculation was over, I had to sleep there. It was a lack of confidence in my durability and recovery. I gave up the second ejaculation in the first place. This is especially true for people who are older than middle age. However, you should not easily give up using warm shower water. This simple lower body exercise can make your penis erect and send you back to the bedroom again.

Warm water encourages a resurgence

You might think you’d sweat a lot in the shower after sleeping with her. However, this bath does not mean that you are there to flush. What a waste. After one ejaculation, immediately get up and shower, massage the pubic part fully to the penis, the temperature is slightly hot. In addition, there are many points associated with male genitalia from the navel to the penis. The warm effect of the shower is used to stimulate these points.

Doing these stimulation not only promotes blood circulation to the testicles, but also stimulates the penis itself. In addition, frequent stimulation of these parts to stimulate these parts can eliminate the relaxation of the parasolecial sensory nerve, smoothly launch the erectile reflex, and achieve re-erection.

It’s best to deal with rat treads on both sides of the base of the penis. Especially key stimuli. A rat’s foot is a blood vessel that carries blood side by side with the nerves that connect to the testicles. Stimulate here, promote blood circulation, make the blood flow smoothly into the blood vessels, using the warmth of the warm water, keep the blood flowing, move the testicles.

If you don’t have a shower, think of other ways you can get the same effect. For example: it can be a nylon friction towel, repeatedly massage the penis, the pubic part, the effect is the same.

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