Cell phone in trouser pocket sperm count dropped by 30% Is cosmetics a sperm killer?

Fashion trends are different in each decade, and now new mobile phones, oxygen inhalation, cosmetics are very popular content, but these fashion elements are not small for men, can affect genital health, and even damage the quality of sperm. So, how do they harm men’s genitals? Mobile phone signals are transmitted by high-frequency electromagnetic waves, and there is a certain amount of microwave radiation around the transmitting antenna. Microwaves generated by mobile phones that exceed national standards may harm genital health, but the human body itself does not feel. In addition to damaging the human nervous system, blood, immune system, eyes, etc., the reproductive system often cannot escape. For example, the number of sperm decreased sharply, sperm motility decreased and so on.

Cell phone trouser pockets drop sperm count by 30%

Studies have shown that men who wear mobile phones on their belts or in trouser pockets face the greatest risk, with sperm counts reduced by nearly 30 percent among those who regularly use mobile phones, and the excess sperm also undergo abnormal activity, further reducing fertility.

Dr. Feyesh, obstetrics and gynecology department of the University of Szeged in Hungary, said in the study report: Continuous use of mobile phones may have adverse effects on sperm production and male fertility, reducing sperm concentration and swimming ability.

Unlike previous studies, the researchers believe that this time the phones were also damaged while they were waiting. Although the phone is not in use, it will continue to emit a signal and maintain contact with the nearest wireless pole. Previous studies assumed that these launches were too short to cause damage. However, the researchers said that the conclusion needs further proof and to find out why and how mobile phones damage sperm.

Cosmetics are also sperm killers

In addition, some men like to use cosmetics, men’s pursuit of beauty is not thick, but pay attention to the choice of cosmetics. Some men enjoy local interviews and share makeup with their wives for a long time. In fact, some cosmetics used exclusively for women contain a certain amount of estrogen, estrogen into the body can slowly change endocrine function, so that men’s sexual function is weakened, sperm is naturally damaged, fertility must decline.

A group of chemicals called phthalates may be responsible for the global decline in sperm counts over the past few decades, according to a press release released by the German Research Association.

Nail polish has the highest levels of phthalines among cosmetics. It enters the body through the female respiratory system and skin and harms the reproductive system of future male babies.

Phthalates are chemicals that act as softeners. Widely used in toys, food packaging, vinyl floor, wallpaper, detergent, lubricating oil, nail polish, spray, soap, shampoo and other hundreds of products. Studies have shown that phthalates can interfere with endocrine, reduce male sperm count, reduce motor ability, abnormal morphology, and seriously lead to testicular cancer, which is the cause of male reproductive problems.

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