Do night shifts affect men’s sperm? What harm does long stay up late to reproductive system?

The opening of the second child policy, so that more and more couples want to have children, and now the change in living standards, so that everyone responds to the eugenics point of view, so immediately prepare for pregnancy, restore the body, male physical and mental health has a great impact on the quality of male sperm, because men are under too much pressure, widely stay up late to work, the following discussion of boys night shift affect male sperm?

Do night shifts affect men’s sperm?

Night shifts require long nights. Staying up late too often may cause infertility. The body’s internal clock controls the body’s hormones. In general, the key to spermatogenesis is to do it at night. If male friends often stay up for a long time. If there is not enough rest, the body’s biological clock will immediately be confused, which will immediately lead to endocrine imbalance, which is easy to lead to production difficulties, and then infertility

People who stay up late for a long time, due to excessive fatigue, the human body is easy to produce a variety of diseases, which will indirectly affect the quality of male sperm. A successful pregnancy can also have an impact.

Night shifts often often stay up late, so daily life immediately produces some poor diet structure and lifestyle, and then immediately indirectly affect the quality of male sperm. If a person has been tired for a long time will immediately be very listless, it is easy to damage kidney function and affect people’s health.

In addition, overwork can also lead to Yin and Yang disorders, which can easily lead to kidney deficiency. When you are busy at work and drink less water, urine will immediately decrease. The urethral opening is less clean, especially if it is easy to cause infection of the male reproductive organs. On the other hand, boys often stay up for a long time, resulting in androgen levels and endocrine disorders. When androgens are low and estrogen is high, infertility occurs immediately.

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