How can men extend sex? What do I Need to know about Safe contraception?

A good sexual journey is unforgettable, giving people both physical and mental pleasure. So how can men prolong sex? The following short series will show you how men can prolong sex.

How can men extend sex?

  1. Distract yourself

A wholehearted investment will allow us to enjoy sex. However, this is not a good thing for men. If you want sex to last longer, the key to solving the problem is to reduce the sensitivity of the glans. The glans is the first sensitive area in men, and final ejaculation occurs after the glans are strongly stimulated. If you can reduce the sensitivity of the glans, ejaculation will be delayed. But when you have sex, your thoughts focus on the head of the glans. Men even feel like their bodies are inside women’s bodies. At this point, if you can think of something else, you will temporarily relieve the urge to ejaculate.

  1. Hold your breath

Men who can’t control themselves during sex tend not to last as easily. Therefore, men should learn to control their emotions freely before ejaculation. Before the climax, they can immediately recognize and stop the action in time, remaining still for 3,060 seconds while holding their breath. This helps parasympathetic excitation, significantly reducing sexual stimulation and making men less likely to orgasm as quickly.

  1. Use foreign objects

For some men, it’s hard to last longer in sex. But there are a lot of interesting products being produced now that can help us solve this problem.

  1. Change your position

There are many kinds of sexual positions, and everyone has their own favorite. For men who do not have long sexual intercourse, you can choose some positions that save effort, relax muscles, and better control the desire to ejaculate, such as horizontal, female, seated, etc., which can effectively extend the time of sexual intercourse.

  1. Wear a condom to reduce sensitivity

The principle of this method is to reduce sensitivity. Condom desensitization is the use of two or more condoms to reduce genital irritation. Although many men do not like to use condoms, from a safe and considerate perspective, you are better off using them. Also, if you always lack durability, you should use them. Wearing two or three condoms can be more effective in contraception, effectively reducing the irritation of friction on the genitals, and extending the duration.

Second, what do you need to know about contraception

  1. Safe period contraception is safe

Fact: Calculated safety periods and extracorporeal ejaculation are often named as natural contraception, which sounds good, but actually the results are not flattering. Did you know that a woman’s ovulation date is influenced by many factors, is not as accurate as a clock, and men tend to have sperm enter the woman’s vagina before ejaculation begins, so the chance of pregnancy increases, can this method be considered safe? It is advisable to abandon this approach.

  1. There’s no danger in coming once in a while

The TRUTH: Sometimes fate is so unfair, some people trying to have a child may not get it, some people occasionally meet but may blossom, so don’t take any chances, healthy sperm and eggs at the right time and place means a new life is about to be born, if an abnormal pregnancy can lead to a very dangerous ectopic pregnancy, an abnormal newborn is born, Can not ignore you every time!

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