How can women enjoy orgasms? Does condom use affect orgasm?

How can women enjoy orgasms? Sexual life is an emotional exchange between husband and wife, and it is a physical and physiological need. As a man, we should learn sexual skills. So how can women enjoy orgasms?

First, how to let women enjoy orgasm

You know what the secret of the female orgasm is? Only by learning more about the secrets of the female orgasm can we better enable women to enjoy it. Although female orgasms are difficult to achieve, as long as you master each other’s excitement and stimulate these orgasms in a targeted way, it is not impossible to achieve orgasm.

There are many theories about the female orgasm. In these claims, what is true and what is false. How can a woman have a happy orgasm? Here we tell you one by one.

  1. The older you are, the more likely you are to orgasm.

As you get older, there will be a lot of unpleasant problems, but sex will gradually improve with age, especially the quality of sex life and the probability of orgasm; The chance of having an orgasm is 61 percent for a 24-year-old woman, 65 percent for a 30-year-old woman, 40 percent. The chance of a 50-year-old woman having an orgasm is as high as 70%.

Experts believe this could be because women are more confident in the bedroom as they get older and more sexually experienced, so they enjoy sex more. In addition, long-term marriage also improves trust and intimacy between couples, and improves women’s sexual capacity and skills.

  1. Orgasm can relieve pain

Orgasm can cure all kinds of pain, such as joint pain, post-operative pain and even postpartum pain. During orgasm, the body produces a chemical called oxytocin, which helps to relax and be happy. Of course, the analgesic effects of orgasm only last 8; But studies have shown that just imagining sex can relieve pain.

  1. Using condoms does not affect orgasm or sexual quality.

Women can experience orgasm whether a man wears a condom or not. In fact, condoms allow partners to have sex longer, allowing men who are afraid of premature ejaculation to persist longer, thus increasing the chances of a woman having an orgasm.

  1. The more varied the sex, the easier it is for a woman to reach orgasm.

People who have difficulty achieving orgasm should consider making some changes during sexual intercourse. When sex is varied, women are more likely to reach orgasm.

  1. Know where the G-spot is and you’re more likely to have an orgasm.

G has many nerve endings, so stimulating the G spot helps women achieve an intense and long-lasting orgasm experience. Because the G-spot is located differently for different women, many sex education experts encourage women to find their own G-spot.

Orgasm is the ultimate goal of life for both men and women. The emphasis is on trust and intimacy between the couple. Although sexual ability and sexual skills are essential, only under the tacit cooperation between men and women can sexual life be more happy.

Second, marital sex taboo

  1. Avoid unprepared and rushed sex. Some people don’t understand women’s sexual physiology. If they are not prepared, they will be in a hurry to have sex, or in a hurry to accept the army because time is in a hurry. These practices do not enable women to achieve orgasm. Not only are they disinterested in sex, they cause pain. This is the main cause of female sexual apathy.
  2. Avoid sex on a full or hungry stomach. After a full stomach, blood flows to the stomach, while the brain and other organs are relatively deprived of blood supply; On the contrary, when people are hungry, their physical strength drops and energy is insufficient. Therefore, when full or hungry, sexual intercourse often fails to achieve sexual satisfaction. Even forced sexual gratification is not good for your health.
  3. Fatigue is not suitable for married life. Sex requires a certain amount of physical strength and energy. When the spirit or body is tired, the sexual life often does not reach the climax, nor can it obtain a mutually satisfactory effect. In particular, having sex immediately after fatigue will damage health and leave a bad impression on future sexual life.

4, reproductive tract infection and other diseases or serious organic diseases are not suitable for husband and wife life. When men and women suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, they should suspend their sexual life and treat them together in time to avoid worsening or repeated attacks of the disease; Men suffering from serious organic diseases, such as serious heart disease, tuberculosis infection, should also follow the doctor’s advice, suspend sexual life.

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