How long does sperm live in a woman’s body? How to better protect sperm?

Some women who want to become mothers find that even though they are well prepared, they still can’t get pregnant smoothly. What changes do women undergo in their bodies as necessary sperm for pregnancy? How long does it live? Now, let’s see.

The combination of male sperm and female egg can impregnate a woman, and normally mature male ejaculation can expel tens of millions of sperm, but most sperm die from the acidic environment of the female reproductive tract. This is also one of the causes of infertility.

How long does sperm survive in a woman’s body?

In general, the life of sperm in a woman’s vagina does not exceed 8 hours. Then only a few sperm are out of danger and on their way. Why? Because the sperm in the semen when a man ejaculates can be protected by the large amounts of fructose and enzymes that break down sugar in the semen, the sperm enters the uterine cavity and leaves the semen. At this time, the living conditions are much lower than that of semen, so the life span is greatly shortened. Poor quality sperm move slowly, do not reach the uterine cavity as quickly, and lose vitality.

So, how long does a sperm live in a woman’s body after it enters? Experts say: sperm through the channel barrier, and eventually reach the fallopian tube fertilization site sperm is very small.

However, as soon as sperm enter the fallopian tube, they have a strong ability to fertilize. Of course, only 12 sperm were lucky enough to combine with the egg, and the rest died within 2,436 hours. Only sperm stored in a hidden nest in the cervical mucosa last 26 days. However, their ability to fertilise has been largely lost, as most sperm only last about 20 hours.

After the egg is released from the ovary, the fertilization capacity is strongest within 18 hours, and the fertilization capacity can be maintained for about 30 hours, the egg begins to denature, and the fertilization capacity rapidly weakens and disappears.

Although sperm ejaculated into a woman’s reproductive tract can survive a maximum of four times – five days – the fertile time is 1- that is, only one day before and after a woman ovulates – and pregnancy is only possible if she has sex within two days. This is very important to guide the sex life of infertile couples. Some couples have no problems with reproductive function, but they are infertile for several years after marriage because they ignored the opportunity to conceive.

In addition, if you want a healthy and cute baby, men should also protect sperm in addition to women. So where should we start?

Sperm protection

1, do not smoke, alcohol: nicotine contained in cigarettes can reduce sex hormone secretion, kill sperm, alcohol contained in alcohol can also lead to sperm dysplasia or loss of activity, if men long-term drinking will damage spermatogenic cells, affect sperm production.

2, proper exercise: exercise can not only maintain healthy physical strength, but also a healthy body produces good sperm, but in the exercise you should pay attention not to do strong exercise, it is best not to be tired, wear loose clothes when exercising to promote heat dissipation.

3, away from mobile phones, computers and other radiation: men do not play computer for a long time, use mobile phones to make phone calls, because the microwave generated by these communication facilities will have a great impact on sperm, if long-term use will reduce the number of sperm or lead to sperm deformity.

  1. Don’t be a partial eater: sperm growth requires a variety of nutrients. If men eat partial food, especially do not like green food, it will lead to nutritional imbalance and malnutrition, affecting the production and quality of sperm. Therefore, men should eat more milk, eggs, lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Maintain a good mood: if men are often in a state of stress, depression and other mental states, it will make endocrine function and testicular spermatogenic function in an unstable state, weakening sperm. Therefore, you should always keep a happy mood.
  3. Stay away from high temperatures: Don’t take saunas or hot baths too often. While this type of bathing is both comfortable and tiring, it can reduce your sperm count and quality.
  4. Don’t bike long distances: When riding a bike, the seat compresses the urethra, scrotum, and perineum. If you ride a bicycle for a long time, the perineum will be congested and affect the spermatogenic function of the testicles.

8, wear loose clothes: male friends must choose to wear loose, good quality clothes, remember not to wear tight jeans, because tight jeans will hinder testicular blood circulation, affecting the production and quality of sperm.

  1. Clean yourself: Your male friends must clean themselves. If you have an STD, you must be thoroughly treated before considering having a child. If you find other abnormalities in your reproductive organs, go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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