How to have sex to keep a man hooked? What are the bad habits in sex?

How to get a man hooked on sex? Sexual skills are not just for men. Women should also learn and use it proficiently. So how do you get a man hooked on sex?

How to make a man obsessed with sex

Men want guns, and sex can be quick, direct, and clean. Women want to take things slow so they can experience joy. In fact, women should master certain slow love skills, can let a man accompany you slowly love, but also let a man enjoy, occasionally slow love, not only make a woman satisfied, but also enough to make a man crazy.

  1. Foreplay about slow love

Not only are kissing and caressing known as foreplay, but conversation is also a form of foreplay, especially when it comes to sexual topics. You might as well talk to him about slow love in foreplay. You can tell him a story about slow love, describing a wonderful slow sex, with an expression of yearning, sensational enough to move him. You may as well whine, act pettish, let him accept slow love, willing to try slow sex with you.

  1. All kinds of moves to slow him down

On the way to sex, you can use various movements to slow down his sexual rhythm. Wearing more clothes is the most direct and effective. You can put on a few more clothes and then play strip games with him, especially some fun clothes that are hard to take off and make him look impatient and can’t take them off, which is enough to drive him crazy.

Two people can have a slow kiss competition, you caress and kiss him and he caress and kiss you, who is slower, who has the final say. When you caress him, you can tell him directly that you want him to caress him slowly, and whisper in his ear in a charming voice: “Honey, I want you to slow down a little more, so that I can be happy.” Or tie his hands up, let you control the pace, and kiss him all over the body at the slowest pace you can stand.

Don’t be too angry the first time you try, have sex with him before he can’t stand it, otherwise it will suffocate him, or he can’t help but spray, affecting your sexual blessing Oh.

  1. Remember the beauty of slow love

When a man finally can’t help but catch you to go to the witch mountain sex, you should savor the beauty of this slow love with him. Tell him how this slow love is unforgettable for you. Thank him for slowing down and waiting for you to experience such a wonderful orgasm.

Of course, you can’t ask for sex to be this slow every time, and once in a while is enough to aftertaste. To thank this man for his cooperation, next time you have to play to his rhythm and give him the sex he wants. After all, perfect sex is about pleasing each other and satisfying both parties.

Second, bad sex habits

  1. Pay attention to hygiene

Some men do not want to wash or even wear condoms when they are sexually interested. Lack of hygiene will make women disgusted, feel dirty, prone to gynecological diseases. So, showering before sex will make it easier for her to accept you.

  1. Whether there is warmth after sex

If a man falls asleep after sex, women often feel like he doesn’t love me and is just using me as a sexual tool. Experts point out that during sex, the pituitary gland of the brain secretes post-aphrodisiacs, making people feel warm and want to hug. Therefore, after sex, hold her and say a few words, even if you tell her that you are a little tired, she will feel that you care about her.

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