How to protect vaginal health? Which parts of the vagina are more likely to be injured?

The vagina is an important organ of the female body, the most important place in sexual life, and the best channel for baby delivery. However, due to the short physiology of the female vagina, it is particularly easy to infect the vagina and suffer from gynecological diseases. Gynecological diseases not only affect the normal progress of sex, but also seriously endanger the health of women’s rope ladder, and bring trouble and psychological burden to women. It’s important to protect your vagina.

The vaginal canal, the posterior anus, is more prone to vaginitis.

  1. Pay attention to menstrual hygiene, correctly use disinfected toilet paper, sanitary napkins, wash frequently, change underwear frequently, and put it in the sun after washing; Wash your vulva with warm water before bed.
  2. Prevent fashion vaginitis. Due to the thin crotch and poor air permeability, various popular body types of pants are easy to reproduce bacteria
  3. Prevent indirect infection of sexually transmitted vaginitis. Pay special attention when swimming, sauna and bathing.
  4. Pay attention to sexual hygiene. When a sexual partner has genital tract inflammation, try to avoid sex or use condoms to prevent infection.
  5. Do not blindly abuse antibiotics and hormones, which can lead to bacterial disturbance and fungal vaginitis in the body.
  6. Pregnant women should not use any vaginal cleaners. Because the mother has sperm in the body, the whole immunity will be reduced, and mycotic vaginitis often occurs, if there is mycotic vaginitis, use special drugs to treat mycotic vaginitis in pregnant women.

Properly clean the vulva, do not clean the vagina when necessary, maintain the natural line of defense of the female reproductive tract, do not destroy the ecological balance in the vagina, and do not let external pathogens enter the vagina.

Prepare your own special cleaning basin, special cleaning utensils and towels. Wash cleaning equipment before use. After using the towel, it should be dried or air-dried in a ventilated place. It is best to be exposed to sunlight, which is conducive to disinfection. Because the towel has no sunlight for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria and fungi.

Wash the vulva with warm water, you must use soap, choose a baby bath soap with less irritation, in order to reduce irritation to the skin.

After defecation, wipe from front to back with toilet paper, and it is best to develop the habit of washing or rinsing the anus with warm water. If not cleaned, the anal opening leaves a fecal stain, contaminating underwear, and the intestinal bacteria contained in the fecal stain will seize the opportunity to transfer to the vagina, causing inflammation.

Holidays, often wash the vulva with warm water, often change sanitary napkins, so as not to become a culture medium for bacteria.

Do not use alkaline soaps or chemicals such as potassium permanganate to change the normal acidic environment of the vagina.

Sex must wear Durex double insurance condoms, both effective contraception, but also effectively prevent the spread of gynecological diseases.

Reproductive tract infection is a disease that many women face. Not only can it cause physical harm to the patient, but it can also cause greater psychological harm to vaginal itching, unpleasant smells, and pain during the couple’s sex life. Mastering correct health knowledge and paying attention to the prevention of diseases in life are the basis for staying away from pain.

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