What are some new ways to have sex? Don’t urinate right after sex

What’s the new way to have sex? Those same love stories feel terrible. Men and women need to change the scene to seek excitement, so what are the fresh ways to have sex?

First, fresh sexual inventory

  1. Joy in the water

You may have tried sex standing up or in a swimming pool. However, many people do not try to take a bath in the bathroom and turn into love. Remember, it’s not about love in the bathtub, it’s about bath and love. Of course, this requires you to stand. The bathroom is arguably the place where second sex happens most often besides the bedroom. If you haven’t tried it yet, act quickly, or you’ll be too far behind.

  1. Stay in the wilderness

Now many people like to travel, there is time to ask your brother to travel with a donkey friend, maybe this person really likes to travel, really like nature. But there are a lot of people who are not, whose purpose is simply to have an affair. The survey shows that more than 40 years old camping enthusiasts have had sex with camping friends in camping. What else are you thinking? What does it mean if you don’t hurry up and drag your lover out for the night? a will understand.

  1. Fantasize about passion

Many men and women say that when they have sex with a sexual partner, they often think about the other person. Only then will they feel excited. However, I would like to warn you not to fantasize, but don’t call it by the wrong name or you will be disappointed. If there is no fantasy, you can also deliberately imagine the other person as your dream lover or the person you would most like to have sex with. This kind of imagination is not harmful, and can even stimulate your sexual passion and sublimate your sexual feelings.

  1. Enjoy an Affair

This does not mean that you actually cheat, but that you feel cheated. Think about it, two people are together for a long time, and even if there is passion, there will be boring times. You can pretend to be the lovers below and secretly meet at the hotel to solve the pain of love, but you have to make all the preparations in advance, such as condoms, sexual tools, etc., the two people are separated, it will have a feeling of cheating

  1. The temptation of the past

Nowadays, people pay attention to sexual foreplay when making love, and the temptation and stimulation of sexual foreplay are essential. If nothing arouses desire on both sides in the present, you can look back on the good memories of the past. You can cuddle in bed, start recalling your overly sexual scenes, name some interesting love scenes you have experienced, gently describe, and slowly touch each other. The thrill is perfect.

Don’t always sit still. As soon as there is a problem of sexual boredom, you will break the jar. If you don’t look for other sexual skills, you’ll never have perfect sex. You know, the perfect sex life can be achieved through skills, such as sexual skills, sexual posture, etc.

  1. Don’t urinate immediately after sex

Timely urination after sex is conducive to flushing the urethra and avoiding infection. For women, immediate urination is a simple and effective way to prevent urinary tract infections. Because the female urethra is short and straight, vulva bacteria may retrograde into the urethra, resulting in urethritis, cystitis and so on.

However, experts say that men should not rush to urinate after sex, otherwise it will damage the prostate, because the male urethra is long and curved, and urine passes through the resistance and time.

Sex life has just ended, the penile cavernosal congestion has not subsided, and the contraction of the urethral sphincter and compulsive urine muscle has not been eliminated, resulting in high urethral resistance, resulting in difficulty in urination, or even the inability to urinate. At this time, if you are in a hurry to urinate, it will increase the pressure in the urethra, and the reflux of urine with bacteria and metabolic waste will enter the prostate, which can easily lead to prostatitis in the long run.

Experts recommend that men rest 5 times after ejaculation and urinate for 10 minutes after the congestion disappears.

It should be reminded that if there are symptoms such as frequent urination, urgent urination, and painful urination after sex, it may be a urinary system infection, and you should seek medical attention in time.

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