What are the kissing skills to become a love expert? What are the precautions for kissing?

What are the kissing tips for becoming a love guru? As long as the relationship between men and women is determined, kissing is inevitable, and kissing is one of the important ways to enhance the relationship. What are the kissing tips for becoming a love guru?

Speaking of love, this is a good memory. Every grown man and woman deserves nostalgia. Love times are often sweet and beautiful. Men and women tend to have a lot of intimate behavior when they are in love, such as holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc. These subtle movements are almost always performed on men and women who are in love.

What are the kissing skills to become a love expert?

  1. Your mouth is too big

When women kiss, they are used to slightly opening their lips, which is a challenge for men. In fact, kissing should be done step by step. Slowly opening the partner’s mouth, expanding the entanglement of the lips and tongue, it is easier to stimulate women’s sexual desire.

  1. Vary your posture

Changing the rhythm and posture of the kiss can increase the enjoyment of the kiss and keep your partner hooked. Keeping the position the same while kissing is particularly taboo, which not only causes oppression and pain, but is easily annoying.

  1. Don’t touch your hands

Maybe you think kissing and touching each other is a very romantic thing. But there is a premise here, and that is that you touch the right path. When kissing, you should gently touch your partner’s upper arms, back, and neck, not rudely rub their hair.

  1. Close your eyes and enjoy

Vision is the first channel through which people perceive the world. But when kissing, you should close your eyes and experience the warmth of the moment with your heart. What’s more, when kissing, the distance between each other is small, the shortcomings will be amplified, but not pretty.

  1. Don’t think about sex when you kiss

A kiss is not a fixed prelude to sex. More often than not, a kiss is a bridge between two people, a sign of intimacy, a silent expression of I love you. In marriage, partners should kiss each other from time to time.

There are techniques to kissing, but there are caveats to kissing.

1, fresh breath is the most important kiss, his/her nose is only a few millimeters away from your mouth. If you don’t want your partner to be smoked by your smelly mouth, you should gargle after eating garlic, Onions, leeks, coffee, and smoke. If possible, you’d better brush your teeth or chew gum.

  1. Many people like to drink, especially men. Alcohol is often used to describe men. This statement proves that the taste of people who have drunk alcohol is annoying. Drinking and kissing is a terrible experience! So don’t drink alcohol before kissing, especially white wine! A little wine is okay.
  2. Kissing after brushing your teeth is also a very bad experience because it smells like toothpaste and your mouth is dry. It’s a bad time to kiss.
  3. Kissing with your eyes open can make you feel nauseous, so don’t do it. Since the experience of kissing is feeling, opening your eyes can make your experience pretty bad.
  4. Kissing is power. If one party does not understand amour and does not open its mouth, it will not be able to achieve kiss complete interaction and communication. Often one party works hard, the mouth is dry, and the other party closes its teeth. The end result is that one partner is exhausted, the other is covered in saliva, and there is no sense of accomplishment and happiness.

There is skill in kissing, and you can be an expert in love.

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