What are the manifestations of male orgasm? Do men have G-spots?

Experts say women should be aware of the manifestations of a male orgasm. Exercise increases testosterone levels, which can help men get erections, and this androgen helps men support their team. When men have higher levels of testosterone in their blood, orgasms are stronger. What are the manifestations of male orgasm?

Do men have G-spots?

Women are known to have a G-spot, a sensitive area. Stimulating this area during sex can make a woman reach a strong orgasm. In fact, men also have G in sexual life, carefully manage, find those G and give the appropriate stimulation, can let men experience the strongest orgasm.

  1. The perineum, which is rich in nerve endings, is one of the G’s of men, and touching the perineum can make men reach a stronger orgasm. A man’s perineum, located between the testicles and buttocks, is full of nerve endings and is very sensitive to external stimulation. Some men say that pressing the perineum will result in multiple orgasms because the perineum can stimulate the prostate externally. During sex, the female partner can put her finger on this part of the partner to press the stimulation.
  2. The prostate is also the G-spot of men, and the prostate, a unique male organ, is also one of the G-spots of men. It can be stimulated externally by touching the perineum as described above. In addition, men also have some sensitive parts, if the couple is interested and adventurous, you can explore together and find more ways to improve the male sex fast. The G-spot. For example, some men’s ears, chest, back, waist, etc. can be sensitive points. Of course, every man’s situation is different, and it’s up to you and your lover to explore.
  3. Pelvic floor muscle groups contract. Don’t think Kegel training is specifically for women. In fact, men can practice, too. According to Eric Roby, a Philadelphia sex clinical specialist, Kegel exercises are designed to contract the pelvic floor muscle group (love muscles), which is very helpful in improving the abilities of both men and women. If this part of the muscle is developed, men can control it at will during sex to improve the intensity of orgasm.
  4. Gently lift testicles. Before the male orgasm, the testicles automatically move closer to the body, which increases the force of the jet. Therefore, when the male orgasm is about to arrive, gently lifting the testicles will bring great stimulation to men. In addition to finding a man’s G-spot, proper caressing can enhance the feeling of orgasm, and men can also improve their physical fitness in daily life, making the body more suitable for the pursuit of orgasm.
  5. Exercise to boost your testosterone levels. Testosterone helps men get erections. This androgen is produced when men support groups or watch hot movies or TV shows. The Athens Military Hospital in Greece found that men have stronger orgasms when they have higher levels of testosterone in their blood. Therefore, before sex, you may wish to do some activities to increase testosterone levels in the body, such as brisk walking.
  6. During sex, focus on physical sensations. Sometimes, men are unconsciously distracted during sex, such as how hot they think their female partner is, and recalling the most exciting porn they have seen. If you want to have a stronger orgasm, you should focus on physical sensations. Once you focus, you will find that your body will react much differently.
  7. Learn to control and slow down your breathing. Men can perform sexual exercises based on their breathing rate. Find the rhythm, then slow the breathing until it resonates with the movement. When orgasm comes, you will find that breathing starts to become faster, but you still have to work on slowing down the breathing, as it increases blood flow and oxygen delivery to the sexual organs, making the orgasm stronger.

Second, the performance of male orgasm

Due to individual differences, everyone’s erection Angle is also different. The size of the erectile horn is related to the pressure in the penis sponge. In general, men have the largest erection Angle when they are about 20 years old. Men have different erectile horns. Most men have penis erection angles greater than 90 degrees (horizontal line up), about 120 degrees and 130 degrees. About 10% of men have an erection when the penis is near the stomach, and another 5% of men have an erection Angle of less than 90 degrees (down). In general, it is normal to complete intercourse and obtain sexual satisfaction. Most people’s penis erection direction is vertical, some people slightly curved, which is also normal.

  1. Psychological erection

When the male due to the relevant content of hearing, vision, smell, thinking, imagination to stimulate the cerebral cortex, through the spinal cord thoracolumbra erectile center, acting on the penis cavernosum, will expand the arteries, a large number of blood into the penis cavernosum; The venous blood vessels contract, the blood flowing out of the cavernous body is reduced, and the blood is completely trapped in the rich blood vessels and blood sinuses of the cavernous body, so that the penis quickly produces a psychological erection. In contrast, when arteries constrict, blood flow to the corpus cavernosum decreases; When the veins dilate and the rich blood flow trapped in the sponge quickly returns, the penis returns to weakness.

  1. Reflex erection

When the external genitals are subjected to local stimulation such as direct contact, walking friction, or internal stimulation of the rectum and bladder, reflex erection can be caused, which stimulates its sexual excitement by stimulating the lower erection of the sacral pulp in the spinal cord.

The erection of the penis is natural, and the male fetus can get an erection in the womb. Little boys can also get hard erections after birth, and sometimes lying there to urinate causes the urine to spray directly into the adult’s face like a spring, often bringing unexpected laughter and pleasure to parents changing diapers, but erections have no sexual meaning.

Reflex erection is caused by stimulation of genitalia itself by the vulvar nerve and the erectile center of the sacral pulp. These two mental and physical stimuli can work separately, interact, and participate in sexual activities together.

Factors affecting male orgasm

  1. Prejudice against sexual life due to inappropriate childhood education, psychological trauma caused by sexual harassment, religious influence or adult role models. For example, the belief that sexual intercourse is dirty and dirty, a sin, and a pleasure for men and a pain for women, creates disgust, aversion, and fear for sexual life.
  2. Lack of sexual knowledge, fear of sexual intercourse, fear that sexual intercourse will cause pain, or do not understand the psychological differences between men and women. On the wedding night, the man was rude and impatient, and soon reached orgasm and ejaculation, but the woman did not experience pleasure, but felt discomfort or pain, and even vaginismus. In the long run, you will become increasingly indifferent to sex.
  3. Worries about pregnancy, fear and unreliable contraception inhibit normal sexual satisfaction and can also lead to sexual apathy.
  4. Poor living conditions, interference with sexual life, unhappy mood, lack of concentration, difficult to stimulate sexual excitement.

The feelings of husband and wife are not harmonious, mutual distrust, suspicion or antipathy, unable to produce sexual excitement.

  1. The woman has a serious habit of masturbation, sexual intercourse after marriage is not strong enough, or the man has impotence, premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction, the woman can not get sexual satisfaction.

Men have very small reproductive organs, or have some kind of disease, which can cause women to feel dissatisfied.

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