What are the techniques for water sex?

What are the techniques for water sex? Sex is also known as fish and water pleasure, but most people’s sex lives are spent in bed. If you want to enjoy the happiness of fish and water, you can try water sex, then what are the techniques of water sex?

How to have sex in water?

  1. Bring extra condoms

Having sex in water has its own pleasures, but we still need to pay attention to contraception issues. Hot water and chemicals (such as chlorine) are likely to damage the durability of the condom and greatly reduce the protective effectiveness of the condom. In addition, the possibility of water sex condoms falling off will be greatly increased, it is best to prepare more spare condoms. Secondly, the water jacket is easy to enter a lot of water, and it is best to bring it before launching.

  1. Pay attention to safety

A big problem with pool sex is the frequent use of chlorine disinfection, and pool water can get in and out of your female partner’s organs, causing injury and infection. A bathtub or shower is relatively safe, but it’s best to put some non-slip paper on the floor. I think once you start, you don’t want your baby and female partner to fall over. It is best to hold on to what is in your hand (a sturdy shelf on the wall, an iron bar). This provides a support point for the back entry.

  1. Deal with water problems

Sex in water is naturally a watery factor. The water itself has resistance and buoyancy, which will hinder the penetration of the male penis to a certain extent. Also, if there is not enough room to expand, sex in the water can suffocate two people, perhaps accidentally suffocating by the water.

Sex in water not only requires more strength for men to cope with the resistance of the water, but also the water will wash away the natural lubrication secreted by women, so the fun of entertainment will be much less. The safe way is to use an insoluble silicone oil-based lubricant because this lubricant is insoluble in water and can be retained on the body.

  1. Use sex products

If you’re having sex in water, how can you help with less sex stuff? Passionate bathroom sex and sexual products stimulate the body, it is really hard not to orgasm. But in the bathroom, ordinary sexual products do not achieve a good effect of help. It is necessary to use the whole body waterproof products, so that there will be no power failure, leakage and other harmful human health events in contact with water.

After sex, let your husband sleep longer

After all that passion in the tub, maybe you’re still craving a warm suffix. But giving up this requirement is a sacrifice worth making for his long-term health. American physiologists have done a lot of surveys and found that men who get enough sleep have longer erections and persist than men who don’t get enough sleep.

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