What are the techniques of spiral sex? What are the precautions when having sex?

What is the technique of spiral sex? Sexual postures are weird, maybe 1800, but not many people know the variety of sexual postures. So, what is the technique of spiral sex introduced to you by Xiao Bian? Let’s meet our young friend.

First, spiral sex skills inventory

Today, I’m going to introduce this spiral of impact that will leave your woman groaning and having orgasms.

First, we should remember that the most effective way to increase female sexual pleasure is to balance a woman at the moment she reaches orgasm. And then heat it up, and then let her balance. After a man brings her two or three orgasmic experiences, he says he can give her the final orgasm, the most intense and satisfying orgasm. This method, we call it the spiral orgasm sex method. Grasp the point and let women feel the wonderful taste of sex in this circuitous ups and downs. The irresistible beauty of an orgasm makes a woman groan.

For women, as they approach orgasm again and again, their desire for orgasm increases again and again. At this point, her body will also prepare for the final orgasm. In this way, prolonged foreplay will make the female orgasm bigger and stronger. During mutually attractive sex, men must first reserve the energy needed to reach orgasm. When they pause and turn their attention to the female, their stored energy is in a gentle attitude. After a while, when it is his turn to reach orgasm, the man’s happiness will be very intense, because the man has been waiting for a long time.

What’s a woman to do when a man does spiral sex? A woman can use code words to signal to a man that she is about to orgasm, such as the word please, which has a double meaning: Please stop or I will orgasm! Your courtship makes me happy. When a man receives the code word, he can choose to continue stimulating her, let her orgasm, stop stimulating the clitoris for 30 seconds to a minute, and then tease her again.

When a woman says something similar, a man may continue to stimulate, or choose to stop for a while. If a man chooses to stop temporarily, this does not mean that all movements have stopped, and he can continue to touch her body, but without directly stimulating her clitoris. This gives a woman a chance to release some of the accumulated energy, and then the man takes it to a higher level.

Of course, there are many sexual techniques that can make her feel happy, but only this one is covered here. Men also need to pay attention, must master the point of spiral sex, bring her to the edge of orgasm, then temporarily retreat, slow down, reduce stimulation, and then start again until several reincarnations, giving her the most intense stimulation, will make orgasm more exciting. Of course, we can also stimulate it with external things. You know, perfect sex can be achieved through all kinds of new patterns.

Second, sex precautions

  1. Avoid unprepared and rushed sex. Some people don’t understand women’s sexual physiology. If they are not prepared, they will be in a hurry to have sex, or in a hurry to accept the army because time is in a hurry. These practices do not enable women to achieve orgasm. Not only are they disinterested in sex, they cause pain. This is the main cause of female sexual apathy.
  2. Avoid sex on a full or hungry stomach. After a full stomach, blood flows to the stomach, while the brain and other organs are relatively deprived of blood supply; On the contrary, when people are hungry, their physical strength drops and energy is insufficient. Therefore, when full or hungry, sexual intercourse often fails to achieve sexual satisfaction. Even forced sexual gratification is not good for your health.

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