What are the tips for bathroom sex? When is it not right to be married?

What are the techniques for bathroom sex? A lot of people think that sex is natural in bed, but they might as well change some places of sex and have sex in the bathroom. So what are the tips for bathroom sex? The following small series will introduce you.

What are the tips for bathroom sex?

Together for a long time, the sexual life of men and women unchanged, taking advantage of the sex and vitality, as much as possible! Comfortable sex can not only stimulate the body, activate the brain, prevent dementia, but also make a great contribution to brain renewal.

However, once the form is fixed, there is a feeling of not wanting to have sex tonight. Even if you want to try different ways of having sex, I’m afraid you’re not doing it well.

If not handled properly, it can even make the other person feel – are you romantic outside? How to learn new skills? That’s not good.

The secret to eliminating routine is to change where you have sex. It can be used in the car or in the field. If you find it a little inconvenient, you can go to other places in your home except the dorm room. First of all, I suggest you a bathroom. Of course, the bathroom is naked. The whole person lying in the bathtub or taking a bath. The man enters the narrow tub first, holds the woman in front and puts his hand behind the woman to touch something they like.

However, when you take your first shower, do not immediately enter the other person’s body. You can pour hot water as a joke, or kiss each other on the neck for foreplay. I’m sure you’ve played this game in your relationship. This is really an unforgettable game.

Sitting next to the tub with your feet open can make for a very exciting caress. Carefully observe the other person’s reaction, the most important thing is to clean the body first, less than lying in bed.

Clean each other’s bodies to form a natural caress. After slowly warming up, the whole body massage can renew the body and mind. Contact instruments or sex bands can also be used as an extension of cleansing the body and are also best suited as foreplay.

If the bathroom is wide enough, you can lie down on the mat as if to let the foam bodies slide, touching each other is also very exciting. Like the pleasure of enjoying a bubble bath, it will become a new experience for women. I’m sure women will love this foam bath. If it’s a shower, you can pour the clitoris with a stronger water column, plus gently vibrate your fingers, to reach orgasm more easily than with a regular stroker. Also, you can touch the clitoris through foam and as long as women don’t like it, I believe it can still gradually reach orgasm. Then the women will serve the men.

Although the bathroom is very narrow, we should also develop the habit of bathing together. Sometimes you shower as usual, sometimes you can enjoy the pleasure of sex. In short, paying attention to physical contact can prevent unchanging.

Second, husband and wife sex precautions

  1. It is inappropriate for couples to live during the woman’s period, early and late pregnancy. During menstruation, female vaginal secretions are neutralized by menstrual blood to become alkaline and become a good bacterial medium. At the same time, the uterine lining is shed, there is a wound in the uterus, and the uterine opening is slightly open. Bacteria can easily be brought into the same room, causing inflammation of the reproductive organs. If there is chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, menstrual intercourse can cause an acute attack.
  2. Avoid unprepared and rushed sex. Some people don’t understand women’s sexual physiology. If they are not prepared, they are in a hurry to have sex, or in a hurry to accept the army because time is in a hurry. These practices do not enable women to achieve orgasm. Not only are they disinterested in sex, they cause pain. This is the main cause of female sexual apathy.
  3. Avoid sex on a full or hungry stomach. After a full stomach, blood flows to the stomach, while the brain and other organs are relatively deprived of blood supply; On the contrary, when people are hungry, their physical strength drops and energy is insufficient. Therefore, when full or hungry, sexual intercourse often fails to achieve sexual satisfaction. Even forced sexual gratification is not good for your health.
  4. Fatigue is not suitable for married life. Sex requires a certain amount of physical strength and energy. When the spirit or body is tired, the sexual life often does not reach the climax, nor can it obtain a mutually satisfactory effect. In particular, having sex immediately after fatigue will damage health and leave a bad impression on future sexual life.

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