What does liquid love do during sex? What factors are related to the secretion of love liquid?

Liquid love is a substance secreted by the female private parts. There is usually an outflow of fluid and an increase in volume before ovulation. During sex, more love fluid is produced. So, what is love liquid? Where does it flow from? What does it do when you make love? Some questions make us want to know more about love liquid. Let’s see.

Sex doctors have always believed that women, women’s vagina is the birth canal and monthly holiday channel, vaginal wetting is a very normal phenomenon. However, why is it that once a woman is excited, especially when sexual intercourse reaches orgasm, the vagina produces love fluid.

At first, it was thought that the vestibule on either side of the vaginal opening had a discharge shaped like a small fold. When a woman is excited, mucus from the vestibular glands will flow out. In the late 1950s, some sex experts found that secretions flowed from deep inside the vagina, and even in women who had their vestibular glands removed, the vagina remained wet, which contradicted past claims.

Vaginal fluid is a mixture of fluids from various sources during non-menstrual periods and is a discharge in the uterus. When men stimulate women with their fingers or tongue, the amount of vaginal fluid and vaginal blood flow increase at the same time. The quality of foreplay depends on the quantity of love fluid.

So, what exactly does the liquid of love do? During sex, the liquid of love can lubricate and reduce the pain caused by hard friction for women. Many men really want to know how to know a woman’s pleasure during intercourse. In this respect, the liquid of love can be an indicator of happiness. Men must remember that only when vaginal secretion reaches a certain amount is it a signal that something is really happening. The more secretions a woman has, the happier she is and the stronger her sexual desire.

What factors are related to the secretion of love liquid?

Vaginal secretions change a lot before and after intercourse: there is no viscosity at first, but the viscosity gradually increases as sexual excitement and pleasure increases. Given that love fluid is a response to sexual stimulation, if you want to get higher stimulation and fun in your sex life and become a man who truly understands the art of sex, please pay attention to the following:

According to experiments, the more time spent caressing before sex, the more vaginal secretions, and the intensity of female pleasure is proportional to the time spent caressing before sex. Because female sexual desire develops slowly, caressing before intercourse is especially important. While not giving up the caress, say more gentle words, let the eyes and expression reveal the feeling of the heart, so that women feel more romantic interest rendering, twice the result with half the effort.

But some women don’t have the love liquid during sex. This may be due to the lack of vitamin B2. When the human body lacks vitamin B2, the mucosal layer in the human body cavity will have problems, resulting in mucosal lesions, resulting in mucosal cell metabolism disorders, which are specifically manifested as mucosal thinning, mucosal layer damage, and microvascular rupture. It is more serious for female reproductive organs. The most typical symptoms, such as dryness of the vaginal wall, congestion of the vaginal mucosa, and ulcers, directly affect sexual desire, resulting in decreased sexual desire, cold and sexual discomfort.

This is due to pathological changes in the vaginal environment, resulting in painful sexual intercourse, fear of the same room, even if the husband and wife reluctantly live life, there is no happiness, but lead to extreme tension and panic in women, aggravate the pain, and will inevitably affect the harmony of the couple in the long run.

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