What is a female condom? Can Condoms Prevent AIDS?

If you don’t want to get pregnant, you have to get pregnant, and you have to take some safety measures. Generally, contraceptives are condoms and emergency contraception. However, since emergency contraception has great side effects on the body, condoms have become the best option for everyone. The condoms we’ve heard of before are all male and the new female condoms are already widely available on the market and are much more popular than male condoms.

A female condom is a condom used by women. It works just as well as a male condom, but with one end in the vagina and no genital erection required, this female condom is healthier and safer. Let’s introduce what a female condom is.

Unlike male condoms, because polyurethane material is made from thin raw materials, sexual partners can be more sensitive when using female condoms for greater love. Female condoms are coated with an inert lubricant based on dimethylpolysiloxane, which is non-destructive to male sperm. When doing things, the male penis should be easy to move, and the user can also cooperate with various liquids to increase excitement to improve happiness.

In addition, due to its unique design scheme and unique raw materials, it maximizes the avoidance of various sexually transmitted infections and HIV infections. Female condoms are handmade and put into the vagina. It can be used hours in advance or just in time. Unlike the male condom, it does not require a man’s erect penis as an aid to condom insertion and removal, which is not likely to cause the sexual intercourse process to be interrupted or ended. In addition, it reduces the dissatisfaction that men used to have about wearing condoms.

The condom has a curved ring on each side that is completely closed. When applied, it will be near the end of the vagina. The outer end ring is large and thin. When applied, the external world of the vaginal opening will be placed throughout to isolate the direct contact between the male penis and the female vulva. Compared with male condoms, it is more reasonable to avoid the transmission of pathogens.

The above is a detailed introduction to the female condom. For women and men who do not like to wear condoms, the emergence of female condoms is a benefit of their husband and wife life, which can not only produce greater love, but also take reasonable contraceptive measures. If you’re tired of traditional condoms, why not try a woman like this? Birth control is so effective that it shocks you.

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