What is the cause of vaginal dryness in sexual life? How to solve sexual vaginal dryness?

Many women in sexual life will always encounter things that are embarrassing to both sides, such as insufficient secretion of love fluid, vaginal dryness is a very worrying thing for women. The boyfriend has a high temperament, but can’t go in, is forced to go in, and makes himself miserable. So what are the causes of vaginal dryness? What’s the harm?

  1. Improper use of skills

A normal vagina is kept somewhat moist. In the process of sexual step to orgasm, due to the accumulation of sexual excitement, vaginal secretions from less to more, so that vaginal lubrication reaches a fairly high level. These lubricants mainly come from cervical secretions, exudates formed by congestion in the vaginal wall, and vestibular gland secretions from the vaginal opening. During sexual life, these liquids can be secreted and gradually increased only when sexual excitement reaches a certain level. If sexual excitement is insufficient, these lubricants will be secreted less or even no secretion, of course, there will be vaginal dryness. Some women may not have vaginal dryness, only after certain special causes, which are usually caused by psychological or physiological factors.

  1. Lack of foreplay preparation

It originally refers to the lack of foreplay in sexual life, the lack of female psychological preparation, and the lack of sexual induction or methods for women by men. One of the causes of vaginal dryness in women is insufficient sexual arousal during sexual life or poor male sexual function.

The solution: Do plenty of foreplay, indulge your lips and tongue, and get your way. From the lips, chest, navel, then lower. … Fully mobilize women’s sexual desire.

3, cleaning is not correct

I always hated the wet feeling of leucorrhoea. I wash my vagina twice a day, but it gets very dry during sex. What should I do?

Some women blindly pursue cleanliness. When the leucorrhea is dirt, the vagina will be repeatedly flushed for a long time, resulting in the vagina unable to retain the beneficial secretions it should have, resulting in a true cleaning of the vagina. Unfortunately, this dryness has taken its toll.

Vaginal dryness leads to genital infection

The biggest problem is genital infections. Vaginal dryness when forced sexual intercourse leads to vaginal congestion and even swelling, vaginal wall mucosal damage, leading to infection, and even induce a variety of diseases.

Second is sexual apathy. Because long-term repeated vaginal dryness will make people tired of psychological sex, pleasure will disappear without a trace.

How to solve sexual vaginal dryness

Experts said that for women with insufficient sexual arousal, it is necessary to fully communicate with their partners, make foreplay more gentle and patient, appropriately extend the time, and give sufficient caress.

Try Durex water-soluble lubricants as well. According to the survey, 67 percent of couples in the United States are using this product. It’s exciting, it’s relaxing, it’s enjoying sex.

The decrease of hormone levels in menopause leads to dryness in menopausal women, and estrogen supplementation can be done under the guidance of a doctor.

Women with inflammation, cure vaginitis, dry problems will naturally improve.

If the vagina is dry due to an unbalanced diet, you can eat more grains and cereals with skin to increase the elasticity and moisture content of the skin mucosa.

Women who love to clean are usually enough to clean the vulva with water, and must avoid frequent vaginal cleaning.

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