What is the technique of foot sex?

What is the technique of foot sex? There is no need to limit it to a particular way of having sex and choose other ways, such as foot sex. So what are the tips for foot sex?

First, what are the skills of foot sex?

  1. Keep your feet together

Although in many erotic films or other movies, women have sex with their legs and feet open, in real life, women can only get greater pleasure by stretching their feet straight together. There are two ways to adopt this pose:

(1) It enables you to clamp the thigh muscles and further stimulate the clitoris;

(2) It also helps to rub the external clitoris, the infold of the vulva filled with a dense cluster of sensitive nerves. For example, after he penetrates, you can put your legs outside of your legs, you put your legs together, then he clamps his female partner’s feet with his thighs, and slowly and deeply begins pumping, the penis can rub the clitoris root, and begins to accelerate, usually both parties can experience superb pleasure.

  1. Exercise the pubic muscles

The serious consequences of the elasticity and flexibility of the pubic muscles in women affect the degree to which women enjoy sex during sex and also the degree to which a woman’s G-spot is in contact with the penis. After all, orgasm is essentially a series of contractions of the muscles of the uterus, vagina, rectum, and pubic area. The stronger the muscles, the stronger the contractions, the more fun, it’s as simple as that. In addition, the more elastic your pubic muscles are, the more you can tighten the vaginal walls, increase friction with the penis, and stimulate the clitoris in your body. The muscles of the pubic part are those that connect the pubic bone to the muscles around the spine. Next time, try to stop the flow of urine. It is recommended that you do two 75 contraction cycles per day.

  1. Increase lower abdominal pressure

The lower abdomen of the body has ovaries and other organs, connected to the female vagina, clitoral sex organs or sex spots, is the outermost layer of the vaginal clitoris, dragging this external part, the internal body sensation will also be enhanced. Consider squeezing this part of the muscle or doing small crunches with your own or your partner’s hand; Because it allows your clitoris to be attacked up and down (your muscles and strong penis) at the same time, it is easy to generate pleasure. Whatever your method, let the penis (or NOA Noah) insert first and then apply pressure from the outside, but if you apply pressure from the outside first, he may not find the right spot in the body that should be stimulated, giving the other person more of a chance to try.

  1. Lift your belly

What many women don’t know is that the tilt of a woman’s pelvis can affect the quality of sex. It is recommended that women position their bodies properly so that they can touch the body above the front vaginal wall, and the likelihood of achieving a physical orgasm will also increase. Although each woman’s situation is different (men are also), the back pillow can strengthen the stimulation of the upper vaginal wall, if this method is not useful at first, may wish to try a different Angle, the stimulation site will be different, you can also ask him to support you with his hand, improve the body, this method is also very effective.

  1. Find uterine pleasure

For many women, the pain of the penis irritating the uterus during sex is like a baseball reaching the ball. However, some researchers believe that about half of women who stimulate the cervix do experience extraordinary happiness. (The other half of the woman will feel uncomfortable, even painful) The effect of deep implantation can be strong enough for some women who like cervical friction, and only through this stimulation can you get all the pleasure of orgasm. Because the cervix and the entire clitoris may belong to the same neural network system. The main key to initiating this orgasmic mechanism is to find a position suitable for deep penetration so that the top of his penis can rub against your cervix. So, in many cases, it’s not that you can’t enjoy quality sex, it’s that you haven’t found a way to enjoy it.

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