What skills do you need to perfect foreplay? What are the most practical sex tips?

What skills do you need to perfect foreplay? Coordinated foreplay can pave the way for sex, allowing orgasm to come more passionately and naturally. So what skills do you need to perfect foreplay?

What skills do you need for perfect foreplay?

  1. Kisses are the most affectionate. Remember to hold his/her face with both hands, stare deeply for 2 seconds, and then slowly kiss. During the kiss, you should often run your tongue over your lover’s lips, as if it were a massage. At the same time, slowly stroke your partner’s hair with both hands.
  2. Slowly take off your jacket. Taking off each other’s clothes is a turning point in sex, which means intimate contact is about to begin. But don’t let the moment of honesty come too soon. Tonight, please unbutton your shirt slowly.
  3. Touch lightly. Always remember a word: a woman’s whole body is a sensitive area. Move your hands up and down her back, then her waist, then her abdomen. As the power of the kiss grows, the power of the touch should increase accordingly.

4, fake drama not real singing.” Who says petting clothes is disappointing? When you snuggle with your lover, the heat is transferred to each other along your palms and clothes. At this point, you can imitate the actions of the same room to make both parties more intoxicated.

  1. Quietly let the other person be fully present. Now it’s time to take off all your clothes. Of course, you still have to move slowly. Whenever a piece of clothing leaves her/his body, remember to kiss the appropriate part.

Second, sex skills are the most practical

  1. Avoid the hard before the soft

Some women with bodies crave gentle touches such as touching, shallow kisses, licking and even blowing, including behind the knees, arms and inner thighs, and the neck cavity. Because these locations are very soft tissues, they are definitely not to be treated in a rude way. As for one of the attack methods, you can use your fingers to stroke from top to bottom, linear stimulation, which can stimulate a woman’s sexual desire, especially where the calf touches the thigh, and then it’s time to take off her stockings and underwear!

  1. Start the landing battle

The root of a woman’s hair is a psychological sex zone that is very sensitive to external stimuli. When she thinks you are focusing your attention on other areas, it is best to give a touch to the hairline, be careful not to scratch her delicate scalp with your nails, apply the position of the abdomen, while trying not to touch the skin directly, but like dragonfly kiss, give her subtle touches to enhance each other’s psychological excitement, if you still can’t understand you can compare your hands to soft feathers.

  1. Play behind the scenes

The back can also be attacked, such as suddenly making a female partner lie prone and then massaging the area. Some experts say that there are a lot of nerve endings here where a lot of pressure builds up, and as long as you massage it, you can help eliminate the stress and feel good too.

A proper form of massage can be used to massage the area steadily with the fingertips with moderate force and rhythm. If a woman likes it, she can strengthen it slightly. If you like, you can kiss her back to let her body relax naturally and gradually eliminate Sex resistance.

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