What types of condoms are there? What does a floating condom do?

Hi, I got married last month and have a really happy sex life with my husband, but we don’t think we got pregnant so early, so take birth control, compare other birth control methods, I think it is safer to take condoms, there are many types of condoms, but what I have seen is very common, I think I know more about these expertise, highly recommend.

1, non-natural latex type

Suitable for: latex allergy

Most condoms are made of natural latex mattresses, and some people experience allergic symptoms after using them. The main manifestations of male genital head red, itching, stinging, serious ulcer, erosion; Female vulva, vaginal itching, burning, vaginal mucosa hematoma, edema, leukorrhea and so on. According to the survey, 1 to 3 out of every 100 foreign boys are allergic to latex. For these groups, only other methods of contraception are available.

But recently some stores have released non-natural latex condoms, appearance and general condoms, but heard that the choice of different molecules, the choice of polyisoprene raw materials, unprecedented softness, similar to skin and skin contact intimacy, very concerned about traditional condoms are not suitable for groups.

2, light type

For the crowd: People who want to love to shine

Sparkly condoms give off a leisurely glow at night. Some people describe it this way: like a night lane, a light moonlight guides you in the direction of happiness. However, some professionals have stressed that such condoms are caused by the kinetic energy of phosphorus, which is a chemical compound that can be an allergen. If direct contact with female reproductive organs, it will lead to female vaginal inflammation and improvement of essential substances. People with allergies should use it with caution.

  1. Floating point or external thread

Suitable for the group: looking forward to improving the life of couples, stimulating and sexy

From the point of view of the surface production and processing of the condom body adhesive paper, there are particle types and external thread types. Particle types can be divided into size particle types. The external thread type is also known as the ring type. This production and processing solution of condoms can more or less improve the stimulation of the vaginal wall and improve the quality of sexual life. Living as a couple for many years can reduce people’s sexual sensitivity, especially for women. The condoms, with floating point or external threads, expand friction during application and theoretically improve women’s happiness. But it is not recommended at the beginning of sex, excessive friction can make some women feel pain.

The types of condoms detailed above are generally common. In fact, if the contraceptive method uses a condom, it may cause discomfort to the other person. Some people really like condoms. It also depends on my preference. You can try different styles so you can know which one suits you and finally wish you happiness in your daily life.

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