What’s the secret to keeping your breasts tall? Can frequent massage make breasts firmer?

Aging is a biologically necessary process. The process is especially brutal for women. The once proud twin peaks gradually withered, but helpless. How to stop the destruction of breast aging, how to keep the breasts, you may wish to try these seven tips to keep the breasts young forever.

  1. Get regular massage

Massage can not only soothe muscles and bones, but also improve blood circulation. It also helps to keep the breasts healthy and high. Massage can make breasts straighter and more perfect. Of course, the premise is to use the right and flexible technology. Massage can relieve the tightness of the breasts, make the breasts fuller, and effectively avoid skin sagging. First, use the palm of your hand to support the bottom of the breast, gently lift it, and then push the outside of the breast inward to avoid sagging and expanding the breast.

  1. Fitted bra

After puberty, the breasts are basically set. There are changes, but not much. However, it is important to note that breasts can still be affected by diet and physical conditions (such as menstruation, pregnancy, etc.). Always pay attention to changes in your breasts and choose a bra that fits well. Wearing tight underwear for more than 18 hours will also affect the detoxification function of the axillary lymph nodes, which is not conducive to health. Well-fitting bras don’t fall on your shoulders or leave marks on your chest. Go home and relax your chest, massage your armpit lymph nodes.

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