Where does a woman want to be touched? What does tactile stimulation do?

Do you know how many parts women want to be touched? Every woman has her own unique sensitive areas, such as the back of her earlobes, hair, neck, etc.

On many nights, you may have a hot sex life, but sad and warm mood words can no longer stimulate the sensitivity of the auditory system, understanding the appearance of no unexpected surprise visual effects. What should I do? More and more work experience shows that you need to change the way you touch sexual blessings. In fact, these couples often create a definition of exploring sexual life, making a touching pilgrimage into the temple of sex. From the simple ten-finger kiss, to the method of stimulating the sensitive zone, every pair of flirtatious masters know this secret, can immediately electrocution accident to arouse the lover’s impulse.

The touch of the neck increases attention

Touch seems to be more popular with women, and many women enjoy receiving each other’s touch and kissing for a long time in the dark of night. Every woman has her own unique sensitive areas, such as behind the earlobes, hair, neck, etc.

Tactile stimulation also promotes the metabolism of a large number of androgens in the female body. This androgen promotes the metabolism of the blood circulation system and tear film, making the cheeks of women appear charming flush, nourishing the eyes and adding charm.

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